Bacopa monnieri (buh-COH-puh moh-nee-AIR-ee) is an aquatic creeping perennial plant commonly sold to decorate fish tanks; but it can be used for much more than just underwater interior design. It can have a significant effect on cognitive function. Let’s discuss how this powerful little plant can reduce anxiety and depressionRead More →

Alexithymia is defined as a personality construct characterized by the sub-clinical inability to identify and describe emotions in the self. It is a clinical term for the inability to understand the intricacies of feelings and emotions. The existence and study of alexithymic experiences started in the 1970’s. Some research suggestRead More →

Tunisian President, Beji Caid Essebsi is currently in a hospital after suffering a “severe health crisis”. President Essebsi; who at 92 is the world’s oldest sitting president -was also treated last week. Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said Essebsi was receiving all the attention he needed and people should stop spreadingRead More →

Motion sickness is often caused by motion during travel. With more than 100 thousand cases per year (Nigeria). Motion sickness, sometimes referred to as sea sickness or car sickness, is a very common disturbance of the inner ear that is caused by repeated motion. Anyone can develop motion sickness, butRead More →

If you have genital warts, know that you are not alone. Genital warts (condylomata acuminate) are very common. According to the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, there are up to one million new cases of genital warts diagnosed each year in the United States, and many cases are notRead More →