Let’s talk some anal hygiene today. Do you scratch your anus or anal area sometimes? Are you aware that your own poor hygiene can cause the delicate skin around the anus to get irritated and then start to itch? Do you even know that washing of the anus using irritating soapsRead More →

There are just a few plants deserving of the honored title of “Super Food”. Turmeric is certainly one of them. The broad range of proven health benefits is impressive. There is an excellent reason that people in India and many other countries consume turmeric in their food and beverages everyRead More →

Lowering your risk of heart disease is one of the most important things on which to focus. Most people with heart disease are symptom free and unaware they have a problem before they experience a potentially fatal event. The most common suggestions are to quit smoking, get regular exercise, reduceRead More →

A sleep disorder that can leave people gasping for breath at night could be linked to the amount of fat on their tongues, a study suggests. When sleep apnoea patients lost weight, it was the reduction in tongue fat that lay behind the resulting improvements, researchers said. Larger and fattierRead More →

Shisha pipes use tobacco sweetened with fruit or molasses sugar, which makes the smoke more aromatic than cigarette smoke. These sweetened fruits provide several flavors like apple, plum, coconut, mango, mint, strawberry and many more. However, most people smoke shisha to replace cigarettes because they think it’s less harmful, butRead More →

Ketones are the products of the breakdown of fats in the body. Under a state of carbohydrate depletion, blood sugar is reduced, insulin levels fall, glucagon and cortisol rise, and fatty acids (FFAs) are liberated into the blood through a process called lipolysis. The increase in blood levels of FFAsRead More →