If you can’t stop snoring, or you find your nostrils constantly blocked, these tips from Sadhguru will help you breathe freely and enjoy better quality sleep. No. 1: Find a Cure for Snoring. Best Sleeping Position for Snoring: One thing to check is your sleeping posture. People who snore tendRead More →

DON’T FOOL YOURSELF THIS APRIL HOW MARKET? By Dr Laide Okubena Greetings… Yesterday, April 1st began the 2nd quarter…which means the year is now 25% complete. You’ve had 90 days to build momentum, drive results and rack up some big wins. Are your crushing it or getting crushed? Let’s haveRead More →

Physical health won’t count for much if you fall apart mentally. The average Nigerian is on this table; seated comfortably, oblivious and likely dismissive of anything that goes beyond physical well-being and financial sufficiency. Afterall, that should be all that matters most in these uncertain and scary times, right? GivenRead More →

• Managing the closures of schools, offices and care facilities can be overwhelming for working parents. • Flexibility is key during this challenging period; perfectionism the enemy. • Self-isolation need not lead to emotional disconnection. Across the world, schools and daycare centres are rapidly closing their doors in an effortRead More →

A respiratory disease belonging to the coronavirus family, COVID-19, which started in Wuhan, China has as of March 24, 2020, spread to 195 countries. Ghana’s index cases of the COVID-19 were announced on March 12, 2020, and has since risen to 68. In the wake of the fast-spreading Covid-19, a lotRead More →