Without argument, one requirement that men have in common in their search for the ONE, is good looks. Every man wants a beautiful woman who can always bring the roof down with the mere batting of her eyelashes and killer ‘figure eight’ curves, and cause even the best of menRead More →

Stay true to your dreams! In 2008, Joseph Schooling was just 13 years old when he met and took a photo with his Sports Idol, Michael Phelps. Fast Forward 8 years later, Joseph competed and defeated his idol in the 2016 Rio Olympics to clinch a gold medal. He notRead More →

Have you ever wondered why you drink so much water after consuming that ewa agoin or beans and bread? Have you noticed that in eating more carbohydrates, you get hungry easily? I will be sharing some 4 personal tips on how to reduce feeding costs and increase your savings:Read More →