Influencer tests positive for COVID-19 after controversial access to screening

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A New York-based influencer revealed she has tested positive for COVID-19 after drawing criticism for sharing her testing process with her more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

Arielle Charnas, the designer behind the clothing brand, Something Navy, took to social media to share the news that she is a confirmed case of COVID-19. The news comes just days after Charnas documented receiving a drive through test at Cure Urgent Care, a clinic on the Upper West Side. The 33-year-old drew criticism after it was reported that she used her personal connection with the clinic’s owner, Dr. Jake Deutsch, to secure the test while the United States experiences a national testing shortage.

“I realize that there are many individuals, both in New York City, and nationwide, who do not have the ability to receive immediate medical care at the first sign of sickness, and access to care is #1 priority in a time like this,” Charnas wrote in a statement confirming her diagnosis. “It is the responsibility of our government offices to ensure all Americans can access necessary tests and I acknowledge how lucky I am to have had that access.”

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