4 health tests to get in the New Year

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This year 2020 has been a challenging year for the world in general and this year, the hope is that things will generally get better in 2021. Ensuring that you are in the best shape ever can only be determined when you take the much needed tests to keep you reassured of good health and let you know if there are any health problems to be looked into.

According to an article posted on medvisit.io, the 4 medical tests to take every year are:

1. Routine Blood Tests: Blood tests are one of the most important tests as they help doctors check for certain diseases and conditions. For example, it can help doctors evaluate how well your organs such as kidney, liver, and heart are working as well as show a lot about your overall health.

2. Eye Exams: Annual eye exams are important in order to maintain good vision and also detect other underlying health problems firsthand, such as diabetes, stroke, hypertension etc. During your eye exam, your eye doctor is able to determine the wellbeing of the blood vessels in your retina, which can be a huge indicator of a potential health problem.

3. Thyroid Test: The thyroid gland is a vital gland that controls your metabolism, growth, and development of the human body. Iodine is a key nutrient in producing the thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism or under-active thyroid occurs when not enough thyroxine is produced for your body’s needs. Hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid occurs when the thyroid produces too much thyroxine. Ensuring that you have a balanced diet is the key to good health and making sure your thyroid is functioning properly.

4. Skin Exams: Skin exams are especially important due to the severity of the problems that can occur such as cancer, which is a major risk and most commonly found on the skin. You should check skin spots such as birthmarks, freckles, and/or dark spots. Sometimes a mole can be dangerous, yet others are simply harmless. You should also make sure to get checked annually if you are in regular sun exposure.

5. Covid 19 Test: Testing is the only way to know if you have the Covid 19 virus or not and it’s better to know that not to know.


That said, stay safe everyone!

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