Here’s why you should know your genotype and blood group

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Genotype is the part of the genetic makeup of a cell, an organism or individual which determines one of its characteristics while blood group is a method of classification of the blood which is based on the absence or presence of antibodies of inherited antigenic substances on the surface of the erythrocytes (red blood cells); while


1. It guides one when choosing a marriage partner; this will avoid giving birth to children with health complications like sickle cell anemia.


2. It helps in emergency situations where a quick blood transfusion is needed and this will prevent health complications like incompatibility, blood clump/clot and death.


3. It helps in predicting disease risk; different blood groups have their risk of diseases for example, blood group AB, A and B have increased risk for blood clots, they also have increased risk of heart disease. Individuals with blood type A have a higher rate of fertility but an increased risk of stomach cancer, individuals with blood type AB and B have higher risk for pancreatic cancer and individuals with blood type O has the lowest risk of stroke. Mosquitoes are attracted to blood type O.


4. It helps you to know the nature of your body, system and how it functions; you will know what to embrace and what to avoid.


Bonus: It makes one improve diet and exercise; when a person knows his or her blood group and the risk involved, it can make them to pick up healthy lifestyle like healthy dieting and regular exercises to cut down the risk of the diseases. Some even eat food based on their blood type to make then healthy; this is called “the blood type diet” and it is believed that the food that you eat can react with your blood type.


So if you don’t know your blood group and genotype, you can check it at a hospital just to make sure of yours.

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