These exercises can help fix your Lower Back pain

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Low back pain is caused by injury to a muscle (strain) or ligament (sprain). Common causes include improper lifting, poor posture, lack of regular exercise, a fracture, a ruptured disc or arthritis. Often, the only symptom is pain in the lower back. Most low back pain goes away on its own in two to four weeks.
The low back, also called the lumbar region, is the area of the back that starts below the ribcage. Almost everyone has low back pain at some point in life, according to

Doing exercises to strengthen the lower back can help alleviate and prevent lower back pain. It can also strengthen the core, leg, and arm muscles. Research has proved also that increases blood flow to the lower back area, which may reduce stiffness and speed up the healing process.

These exercises, according to this article written by Bethany Cadman on January 24, 2020 on, strengthen the lower back and may help people manage lower back pain:

1. Bridges – Bridges work a person’s gluteus maximus, which is the large muscle of the buttocks. People engage this muscle when they move their hips, particularly when they bend into a squat. The gluteus maximus is one of the most important muscles in the body, and keeping it strong can help support the lower back.

2. Knee-to-chest stretches – Doing a knee-to-chest stretch can help elongate the lower back, relieving tension and pain.

3. Lower back rotational stretchesThe lower back rotational stretch can help relieve tension in the lower back and trunk. It also gently works the core muscles to improve stability.

4. Draw-in maneuversThe draw-in maneuver works the transversus abdominis. This muscle is on the front and side of the abdomen, stabilizing the spine and lower back region.

5. Pelvic tiltsThe pelvic tilt exercise can release tight back muscles and keep them flexible.

6. Lying lateral leg liftsLying lateral leg lifts work the hip abductor muscles. These muscles support the pelvis and can help reduce strain on the back. Keeping these muscles strong is essential, as they help a person maintain their balance and can affect mobility.

Some others include cat stretches, the ‘Superman’, seated lower back rotational stretch, and the partial curls.

Performing exercises to work the core muscles can prevent injury, increase stability, and improve flexibility. Anyone experiencing lower back pain that is severe or does not go away with gentle stretches and exercise should make an appointment with a doctor.

Finally, if any of these back exercises make pain worse, it is vital to stop doing them immediately and consult a doctor.

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