5 Reasons Why ‘Slim Teas’ Will Not Make You Lose Weight

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Weight loss tea, slim tea, detox tea, whatever you choose to call them, are all the rage these days. We are bombarded with all kinds of adverts proclaiming that these teas will lead to instant weight loss. It’s hard to not fall for the scam especially considering the fact that some of your favorite fitness inspirations proudly announce the magical powers of these teas.

Is using slim teas for weight loss as effective as it’s being advertised? Let’s consider the main ingredients in most of these drinks – laxatives.

If you’ve had any of these teas, one of the first reactions you’ll experience is the urge to use the rest room more frequently than usual, and that’s exactly where the problem is.

1. It’s all fake

When you take a high amount of laxatives, you may end up losing weight but it will all be water weight, not fat. The bowel movements and urination helps to rid your body of excess water so it feels like you’re losing a lot of weight really fast. But this will stop eventually as you finally reach a plateau. Because laxatives do not burn fat.

slim teas for weight loss
2. It may even make you gain weight

Laxatives allow you to get rid of a lot of water which can lead to dehydration. This prevents the body from absorbing essential nutrients. As a result, you may find yourself feeling hungrier and craving more unhealthy foods, leading to weight gain.

3. There’s no proof it works

So far, there has been no scientific proof that any of these herbal slimming teas work. Sure, there are studies that show that they may have some health benefits, but they are no different from green tea and other regular herbal teas.

slim teas for weight loss
4. They may have some side effects

Just because these are ‘herbal’ teas does not mean they cannot have negative effects. Many of these weight loss teas are made with a mixture of herbs. And as with Western medicines, the combination has to be right for it to work well. And even at that, every individual reacts differently to some of these herbs. So you may experience some side effects from drinking them.

5. There are safer and better ways

Instead of depending on a ‘magical’ drink to help you lose weight, how about you stick with the tried and trued traditional diet and exercise. If you’re a tea lover and want something to minimize your cravings, there are green, ginger, lemon and other types of teas that can do that without the added laxatives. Just because these weight loss tea has you going to the toilet does not automatically mean you’re pooping out your extra weight. It doesn’t really work that way.

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