Check out these necessary decisions every expecting mother should make before childbirth

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It’s the wish of practically every married couple to have babies and in most cases, particularly in Africa, many jump into the process of having babies without having thought through ALL the details involved.

The 5th of May was the International Midwives Day and in line with that, I’ll be talking to you about some important decisions you need to make before going into labour according to an April 2021 updated article posted on

1. Decide where you want to where you want to have your baby and find a pediatrician to take care of the baby’s health after the baby is born.

2. Choose a method for labor pain management during childbirth and who you want in the delivery room. Also remember to seek permission from the birth location to make sure that it’s okay to have the number of people you desire.

3. Decide if you plan to breastfeed: Six months exclusive breastfeeding is popularly recommended, but breastfeeding is really a personal choice. Research and know for sure if you plan to and how to make the process easier.

4. Decide if you want to save the placenta so so it can be stored properly or turned into placenta pills by a professional.

5. If you’re having a boy, decide whether you want to circumcise.

There are other things to think about such as the timing of the baby’s first bath, if you plan to use a pacifier for the baby, the type of ambience you want in your delivery room etc. These decisions help you put things in order and anticipate the welcoming of your baby with a much calmer state of mind.

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