Does Kayan Mata Really Tighten Your Vagina?

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You can’t scroll through your Instagram feed these days without coming across one product or another that promises to make you slimmer, remove stretch marks and yup, make your vagina tighter.
Every seller swears by their products and you may even see reviews from people who claim this stuff will make you feel super snug down there. Is it smart to invest in these products that claim to tighten your vagina?

First off, it should go without saying that women shouldn’t shove things inside their vagina unless they are absolutely sure it’s safe. And the downside of these products is that many people have no idea what goes into making them. Sometimes, the packaging is so sketchy that they could very well have been concocted together in someone’s backyard.

Besides, when you insert things in your vagina which change its ecosystem, you put yourself at risk for infections.Sometimes childbirth, menopause, age, and other health issues can cause vaginal laxity (the clinical term for looseness). But if you have concerns, it’s safer and much better for your peace of mind to see an actual professional about it, i.e a gynecologist.

It’s also possible that the idea that your vagina needs tightening is all in your head. It could due to misunderstandings of your anatomy and sensation, ignorant jokes or digs from your partner, or disproven myth that frequent sex can irreparably stretch a vagina.

On the question of whether or not these products work, the only thing to base success on is online reviews from random strangers who may or may not even exist. There have been no studies to support the claims that rubbing herb mixtures down there will change things. So, basically, you’re putting yourself at harm’s way over something that isn’t even proven.

There are a few other exercises you can do to strengthen your pelvic muscles which inadvertently tightens things up down there, kegels for example. They are safe, convenient and much less invasive than some of these products.

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