Are South Africans closing the door on Africa?

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A recent wave of xenophobic attacks has prompted reprisals across the continent.
Xenophobia-fueled attacks in South Africa have killed at least 10 people and sparked a backlash across the  African continent. The latest incident happened on Sunday in Johannesburg, leaving one person dead and five wounded.

Most of the violence, which began in late August, takes place in Pretoria and Johannesburg where large immigrant populations live.

News of the attacks prompted reprisals in Zambia, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as protesters targeted South African-owned businesses and diplomatic offices. Fearing more attacks, South Africa announced it was temporarily closing its embassy in Nigeria.

In response to the attacks in South Africa, Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, decided to pull out of economic talks in Cape Town, a move that could slow efforts to boost intra-Africa trade.

Several celebrities are now calling for a boycott of South Africa. Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage said on Twitter that she would not perform at an upcoming music festival in Johannesburg, and a popular radio station in Zambia says it is removing music by South African artists from its playlist.
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