Blac Chyna’s mom hit by a car, seriously injured (Video)

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Tokyo Toni, mother of Blac Chyna who last week dragged her daughter and called her a product of rape and a horrible mom has revealed she had a car accident.

Sharing her video of herself in a neck brace, Blac Chyna’s mom disclosed that she is recuperating.

However some social media users claimed that she was faking the accident, to get the attention of her daughter who she has been at loggerheads with.


Someone posted: ‘So why would you make a video??! You should be trying to rest and away from the media,’ while another commenter said ‘Hope she learns her lesson and stops trynna call out her daughter on social media.’

Someone else asked ‘Did she reapply the lipstick to make the video or she got the best lipstick plug in all the land. Let me know.’

‘So her arms ain’t in shock that she can hold a phone & record? Her makeup still in tact ain’t cried to have it runnin & she tuckin her hair behind her ear? Chyna u paying the bill or is Medicaid? Did she get hit so Chyna would bring her grandkids?’ another person wrote in the comments section.

One other follower said that ‘ya gotta give it to her..look at the number of comments on here. She does everything for a reason..she may end up w her own show. who knows.’
















Source: News Agencies

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