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Blind death row inmate eats final meal ahead of execution for killing ex-girlfriend

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Lee Hall chose a last meal ahead of his execution later this evening. He was sentenced to death after dousing Traci Crozier in gasoline before setting her alight in her car

A blind man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend by setting her on fire in her car almost 30 years ago is to be executed by electric chair tonight, in an act which his legal team argue would “offend humanity”.

Tennessee man Lee Hall, 54, is set to face execution at 7pm local time, making the southeastern US state only the second in history to execute a blind man since capital punishment resumed in 1976, his legal team said.

The killer chose a last meal of a Philly cheesesteak sandwich with two portions of onion rings, The Tennessean reports.

As he faces his final hours, he opted for a dessert of cheesecake and washed it all down with a Pepsi, according to the Tennessee Department of Correction.

Hall’s legal team claim he is blind due to the state Department of Correction’s refusal to treat the glaucoma he developed after entering jail, The Washington Post reports.

Among several unsuccessful appeals, his legal team have attempted to argue that his death sentence should be commuted due to his blindness.

Lee Hall’s last meal was a Philly ch
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