Journalist Collapses During Live Interview With Minister; Minister Accused Of Hypnotizing Her (Video)

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This is the moment a Russian journalist collapses live on TV while interviewing a member of President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle.

Daria Kozlova was firing questions at the Minister of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov when her eyes appeared to glaze over.

Mr Manturo can be seen smiling at the camera waiting for the next question but the reporter seems to be stumbling and slurring her words.

Realising something is wrong the minister tries to steady her, then steps back once again as for a second, she briefly gets to her feet.

But then she completely passes out and topples backwards as the minister rushes to grab her and people watching the interview also rush forward.

The camera then cuts back to the studio and the presenter of the “Russia 24” news channel.

The interview was taking place at the “Army-2018” exhibition organised by the Russian Ministry of Defence at the Patriot exhibition hall in the capital Moscow.

After she was stopped from falling flat she was given water when she came to, and is reportedly doing well.

The dramatic moment was watched by millions of viewers, some of whom made bizarre claims that the minister had hypnotised the journalist.

Watch the video below:




















Source: News Agencies

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