New arts gallery opens in Congo Brazzaville

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The much anticipated new Brazza Arts Gallery is finally providing a recognised space for local painters to showcase their artworks.

“ Arts Brazza wanted to choose who is an artist and who is not. We are all painters, but we are not all artists.” says Sylvestre Mangouandza.

The Brazza Arts Gallery, located at the heart of downtown Brazzaville, has no restrictions as to who is admitted to display their works.

“The gallery belongs to everyone. It is a beginning, and everyone can come to the gallery to present the works. So the gallery is open to everyone,” according a painter attending the exhibition.

Some Congolese visitors at the gallery have been encouraging arts and culture.

The new gallery also presents the chance for little known talents to come to the spotlight.

“It is time we gave more attention to the work of our local artists, especially many of them who do a very good job, but remain completely unknown.”

“This exhibition is a very big opportunity for Congolese artists. For years, artists have been waiting to have such a space.”

According to Africanews correspondent in Brazzaville, the intention is to shift the focus of Congo’s wealth from oil and wood to arts and culture.

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