Piers Morgan ‘swears’ on Live TV During Heated James Bond Debate with Susanna Reid

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Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were embroiled in a heated debate, which resulted in Piers swearing.

The pair were discussing whether it was time for a female James Bond to take over the role from Daniel Craig.

Piers sarcastically said: “We must get rid of James Bond because he was the last one standing.

“He was the last sort of slightly cave man guy, that would throw a woman over his shoulder, ravish her till dawn and we can’t have any of that, women don’t want sex with men anymore.”

Susanna shouted: “Honestly, we collapse at the cricket and you get all hot under the collar.”

Piers replied: “I’m not hot under the collar, I think it’s just pathetic, virtue signalling nonsense.”

But it was then things became more heated as Piers added: “And the campaign to save James Bond starts right here, because they are not changing James Bond into a damn woman on my watch.

Susanna interrupted: “There’s no use in arguing this, James Bond, Pierce Brosnan himself as said he wants this.”

Ofcom, the government-approved regulatory authority for broadcasting, regards the word damn as a mildly offensive term.

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