Seven Kings Mosque shooting: Gunman fires during Ramadan prayers in London

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Seven Kings Mosque in London is currently on lockdown after a masked gunman made his way into the mosque during their Ramadan prayers.

The suspected gunman was ushered outside before a shot was fired. Police are not treating the incident as terrorist-related and believe the weapon used was a blank firing handgun.

Muslims were at the Seven Kings Mosque in Ilford for evening Ramadan prayer late on Thursday when they heard the sound of a gunshot. A masked man was said to have entered the mosque on High Road, people at the mosque reportedly ‘chased’ the suspected gunman out of the building, according to multiple posts on social media.

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Police have launched a manhunt for the suspected shooter.

No-one was injured in the incident and police said officers stayed at the scene overnight. No injuries or damage to the building were reported as well.

Scotland Yard said the investigation was being led by detectives from the East Area Command Unit, although the Trident gang squad had been notified.

Following the incident the mosque’s imam, Mufti Suhail, urged people not to speculate over the gunman’s motives.

He said: “There was a firearm incident outside Seven Kings Mosque tonight during Ramadan night prayers. The suspect ran from the scene when stopped by brothers standing guard at the mosque. A shot was fired which fortunately did not hit anyone.”

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