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Students of St Francis at Agona Ahanta sit on bare floor due to lack of desks

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of the St. Francis of Assisi Basic School are forced to sit on the bare floors or lie on their bellies due to lack of furniture.



The St. Francis of Assisi Basic school is located at Agona Ahanta, the capital of the Ahanta West Municipal Assembly in the Western Region.

The roofs covering the classrooms are also dilapidated, causing rainwater to leak into the classrooms.

The school structure was put up a decade ago.

When there is a heavy downpour, the classes get flooded, bringing teaching and learning to a halt.

St Francis

Pupils have expressed worry over the situation and have called on the government for assistance.

St Francis-2

Speaking to Joy News, a pupil said, “anytime it rains, we do not get the chance to learn. And even when it stops we have to get brooms and sweep the water in the classrooms. So we call on the government to help us so that we don’t struggle like we do now.”

“We get scared every day because when it rains, other students are still learning to write the BECE but in our case, we can’t learn due to our current ordeal. And this scares us that we may fail,” a JHS three student, Gladys Agyemang Boateng, lamented.

Teachers of the school also added that it is only the passion for the work that has kept them in the school.

The Headmaster of the school, Frank Awotwe-Mensah disclosed that the school has appealed to several organisations including non-governmental agencies but that has yielded no result.

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