“Stay Alert”, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveils new Covid Alert System

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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson, Sunday unveiled a new “Covid Alert System” as he tweaked some coronavirus lockdown restrictions dropping the government’s “stay at home” messaging in favor of the controversial “stay alert” slogan – sparking immediate rejections from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland due to accusations of mixed messaging.

It came after the World Health Organisation and the government’s own scientific advisers publicly urged the prime minister to be “extremely cautious” in his announcement, with one Sage member warning the new slogan could “undermine the good work of the last few weeks” of lockdown amid mounting criticism of government communications.

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police Federation chair has warned that rumored plans of a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all UK arrivals – strongly hinted at by the transport secretary – would be “nigh-on impossible to police”.


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